The story is about tiger keeps chasing the car from the jungle to the city, from the past to the present but can not. Infact, it shows how fast the Proton's car is.

Paper craft also is trending design that can impressed audiences easily because of its color and shape. Also, when I thought about the idea based on Proton car I found out "tiger" is a symbol of Malaysia which is the best country produce this car. Using tunnel to show the innovation of Proton car from the past which is Proton Saga to present which is Proton Suprima S.

Based Graphic designer- Thao Tran and me who come from Vietnam, using origami, papercraft and stop motion technique, we produce Proton's TVC which is named "The Journey".

Creative Director: Nguyen Ngoc Vu
Script : Nguyen Ngoc Vu
Producer: Nguyen Ngoc Vu- Tran Thanh Thao
Animation: Nguyen Ngoc Vu
Camera: Tran Thanh Thao
Editor: Tran Thanh Thao
Music and Sound: from Break-Fast Studio, LCD Soundsystem, Free Stock Music and Free SFX library.